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Touchfly industrial motherboard JWS3399-MAIN-N

Touchfly JWS3399-MAIN-N industrial motherboard RK3399 64Bit Dual-core Cortex-A72 Cortex-A53 4G memory Quad-core ARM GPU Android7.1/9.0.
Motherboard Model
Motherboard Size
160mm x 109mm
Android Industrial Motherboard
RK3399 64Bit Dual-core Cortex-A72 Cortex-A53 4G memory Quad-core
Quad-core ARM Mali-T860MP4 GPU
EMMC 32G(8/16/64G optional,maximum 64G)
Maximum 3840*2160
Android 7.1/9.0
4G、5G、Ethernet,WiFi/BT,Wireless peripheral extension
USB 3.0 standard*1,USB 2.0 standard*1,USB 2.0 interface*4
Serial Port
RS232*2,485*1,TTL*2,DEBUG port*1
Dual frequency WIFI and single-antenna supported
Built-in MINPCIE 4G module interface, M.2 5G module interface
LVDS*1(single/dual channel),support 50/60Hz LCD panel
Support Multi-resolution EDP interface LCD panel
HDMI*1, support 1080P@60Hz,4kx2k@60Hz output

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Motherboard Model: JWS3399-MAIN-N

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    Touchfly JWS3399-MAIN-N Motherboard

    About JWS3399-MAIN-N Motherboard

    Touchfly JWS3399-MAIN-N adopts RK3399 dual Cortex-A72 large core + four Cortex-A53 small core 64-bit super CPU, main frequency 1.8GHz, adopts Mali-T860 GPU, supports 4K, H.265 hard decoding, Android7.1/ 9.0 system.
    JWS3399 MAIN L Motherboard
    RK3399 CHIP

    Quad-core Strong Core High-speed Engine

    Using RK3399 dual Cortex-A72 large core + four Cortex-A53 small core 64-bit super CPU, main frequency 1.8GHz

    High Definition Display

    It supports 4K decoding up to 3840×2160, supports LVDS/eDP/HDMI and other LCD displays, cropped screens, and supports dual-screen display.
    high definition display

    API interface

    Android system customization, provide API interface debugging code, support APP secondary development.
    JWS3399-MAIN-N API interface

    Multiple network interfaces

    Multiple network interfaces: 100M, 1000M Ethernet interface, support 5G and 2.4GWIFI, independent dual antenna, built-in PCI-E 3G/4G module interface, support Internet access and calls.

    Rich Expansion Interfaces

    Rich expansion interfaces: 7 USB interfaces (2 USB standard interfaces, 1 TYPEC, 4 2.0 sockets), 1 485 interface, 4 scalable serial ports (2 TTL (one with hard flow control), 2 RS232), GPIO and ADC interface, which can meet the requirements of various peripherals on the market.
    JWS3399-MAIN-G API-interface
    Support More Touch screens

    Support More Touch screens

    Support a variety of mainstream touch screens It perfectly supports various mainstream touch screens such as infrared, optical, capacitive, resistive, and touch film, and supports HID configuration of drive-free touch screens without debugging.

    Multiple Security Protection

    Meet wide temperature (-10℃~60℃), wide voltage (DC12V~36V), EMI/EMC level anti-interference, ESD standard anti-static. Independent research and development of motherboards, selected parts, and technical endorsement.
    JWS3399-MAIN-G Multiple Security

    Customer Case

    Touchfly industrial motherboards have served the world top enterprises: SIEMENS, P&G, FOXCONN, KUCA, KFC, HUAWEI, BYD,ZEISS. Touchfly motherboards are widely used by our customers in the fields of industrial touch screen, industrial control all-in-one computers, and industrial manufacturing.

    Touchfly Workshop

    Touchfly has a world-class industrial motherboard production workshop. we adopt dust-free workshops to test every index of the products to ensure the precision and efficiency of the products, so as to provide customers with the highest quality and reliable industrial computer motherboards.