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CX-I3 6th Gen

Touchfly industrial motherboard CX-I3 6th Gen

Touchfly CX-I3 6th Gen industrial motherboard Intel® Core™ i3 series 6100U Dual core and four threads 2.3G 2*RJ45 LAN 1000M ESD: 8kv~15kv.
Motherboard Model
CX-I3 6th Gen
160mm x 110mm x 27mm
X86 Industrial Motherboard
Intel® i3 series 6100U frequency:2.3GHZ,Burst frequency:2.3GHz,dual-core 4 threads
Intel Bay Trail SOC
Support DDR4-2133, 1 * SO-DIMM Slot, Maximum 16GB
Silent Fan
1 * SATA3.0 + 1 * mSATA + 1*M.2
OS Support
Windows7 Professional Edition/Windows7 Ultimate Edition/Windows10 Professional Edition/Windows10 Enterprise Edition/Windows10 Home Edition/Win11 Professional Edition
WIFI,BT: 1*Mini-PCIE port,WiFi module optional;
3G/4G: 1*Mini-PCIE port,4G module optional;
Ethernet: 2 * Realtek PCI-E NIC RTL8111H for 1000Mbps(dual gigabit internet optional)
LVDS: Supported
EDP: Supported(diff-version)
VGA: Resolution up to 1920*1200@60HZ
HDMI: 1080P@120Hz,4kx2k@60Hz
USB2.0: 4*(External port*2,internal port*2);
USB3.0: 2*External port;
GPIO: Eight I/O Pins;
232: 6*(a RS232/RS422/RS485 switchable port);
422: 1* RS232/RS422/RS485 switchable port;
485: 1* RS232/RS422/RS485 switchable port
Operating temperature:-20℃~60℃; Operating humidity:5%~95%

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Motherboard Model: CX-I3 6th Gen

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    Touchfly-CX I3 6th Gen Motherboard

    About CX-I3 6th Gen

    CX-i3 6th Gen motherboard adopts Intel i3 6100U series, the main frequency is up to 2.3GHz, it is a high-speed, with silent fan, the motherboard adopts Intel Bay trail SOC chipset, supports 4K, H.265 hard decoding. It is your best choice for human-computer interaction and industrial control projects..
    About CX-I3 6th Gen
    I3 chip

    CX-i3 6th Gen 6100U processor

    CX-i3 6th Gen adopts Intel Celeron i3 6100U dual-core four-thread processor, Main frequency up to 2.3GHz, strong performance.
    Dual Network

    Dual Network Port Design

    It adopts RJ45 dual interface design, which can support industrial upper computer and lower computer network connection between.

    Anti-electromagnetic interference

    Internal anti-interference layout, ESD: 8KV~15KV Prevent damage to components and protect the normal operation of the motherboard.
    ESD anti-static

    Anti-jamming Anti-radiation

    ESD protection circuit is used to achieve EMI/EMC level anti-interference
    Prevent damage to components and protect the normal operation of the motherboard.
    Anti-jamming Anti-radiation

    Anti-drop Interface Design

    Anti-drop Interface Design,Threaded DC2.5 interface, effectively preventing the power cord from loosening and falling off.
    Fanless Design

    Fanless Design

    Adopt silent fan design to achieve high-efficiency heat dissipation, quiet and low noise
    it’s my tenderness to you.
    Compact Size, Taking Up Less Space

    Compact Size, Taking Up Less Space

    The size is compact 160*110mm, which is specially designed for industrial scenes, compact motherboard.
    Wide Temperature

    Wide Temperature And Wide Pressure Dustproof

    2V~36V wide voltage power supply, -20~70℃ to adapt to high temperature difference environment.

    Customer Case

    Touchfly industrial motherboards have served the world top enterprises: SIEMENS, P&G, FOXCONN, KUCA, KFC, HUAWEI, BYD,ZEISS. Touchfly motherboards are widely used by our customers in the fields of industrial touch screen, industrial control all-in-one computers, and industrial manufacturing.

    Touchfly Workshop

    Touchfly has a world-class industrial motherboard production workshop. we adopt dust-free workshops to test every index of the products to ensure the precision and efficiency of the products, so as to provide customers with the highest quality and reliable industrial computer motherboards.